Love Game smart condoms – a revolution in condom use

Providing a new dimension in condom use. Thanks to the Love Game condom smart packaging, you can enjoy sex without worry, uncertainty, or mishap. Condom use has never been as simple and convenient as it is now with Love Game smart condoms.

Our smart blister pack, as well as our attractive, original 3-pack box of condoms, and 12-pack smart box of Love Game condoms all facilitate an uninterrupted and intense sexual experience.

What makes Love Game condoms smart?

No need to fish condoms out of a crumpled box. For example, let's look at the 12-pack box. Simply remove the blister pack with condom from the corner opening of our smart box. It will also let you know how many condoms are left, without the need to open the box.

No more scrambling about and wondering which direction to unroll the condom. You will never get it wrong again. The condoms are always placed reservoir tip up in our smart blister packs.

If you would like to know more about Love Game smart condoms, visit our website. You will find detailed information about our various condom types and individual packages.


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